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O'Brien Screamer Towable Tube - 2020

$145.00 $139.99

O'Brien Screamer Towable Tube - 2020

O'Brien Water Tubes

The Screamer begat revolution #2 in tubing. After the enormous
success of the original LeTube, the Screamer introduced a new genration
of tubers to the extreme fun of the deck-style tube. Once again, O'Brien
combined nicely padded handles, a heavy-duty cover and bladder, a
well-designed quick connect harness, and a Boston Valve (for easy
inflation/deflation) into an incredibly fun and durable package. The
addition of two neoprene pads on top made the tube much more comfortable
to ride, too. Soon, tubers were learning a whole new vocabulary for
getting air behind the boat.

Model Number: 2191504

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