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Burton Emblem Snowboard Sock - Men's


Bay Blue

Burton Emblem Snowboard Sock - Men's

Men's High Performance Snowboarding Socks

When does a sock become more than just a regular sock? At what point does it go from something you simply wear on your feet, to something your feet can’t live without? The 2021 Burton Emblem Sock walks the line between total comfort and absolute dependency. It’s quick-drying, breathable blend of mid weight insulating yarns and strategically placed cushioning make it the optimal all-season snowboard sock.

The Stay High band wraps it around your calves to prevent slippage while strategic reinforcements beef up abrasion resistance in key zones.
Midweight warmth meets rider-specific support and cushioning. An everyday necessity.

Size Chart:

Small (5.5-7.5)

Medium (7.5-10.5)

Large (10.5-13.5)

Model Number - 10068107401