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Connelly Cruzer 3 Person Towable Tube - 2020


One Size Fits All

Connelly Cruzer 3 Person Towable Tube - 2020

Connelly Tow Behind Boat Tubes

Shape allows for a more stable ride and improved comfort with multiple riders Tapered Shape ensures a comfortable riding position for 1 2 or 3 riders The Connelly Cruzer Water Tube takes the best parts of a classic inner tube but amps it up for more fun with plenty of space for way more people than ever! Thats why its shaped like it is the flat back allows for greater legroom and allows up to three riders to ride safely and comfortably The Tapered shape which makes the inflatable taller at the front than at the back as well as the overall concave profile puts riders closer to the water for greater stability and a more thrilling ride

Model Number: 67191006