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DryGuy Boot Glove for Ski Boots


Small (Men's Shoe Size 3 - 5.5)
Medium (Men's Shoe Size 6 - 10)
Large (Men's Shoe Size 9 - 15)

2020 DryGuy Boot Glove for Ski Boots

Ski Boot Insulators

The new DryGuy Boot Glove was designed in the frigid Alaskan arctic, and the BootGlove provides a thermal protection layer of insulating neoprene for your ski boots to keep your feet warm in the most extreme wind chill and winter snow conditions.
Skiers will appreciate the lasting warmth that the DryGuy BootGlove provides by adding up to +20° F / +7° C to your boots toe box and conserving heat loss where it's most important, your feet of course.