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Hestra Power Heater Mitts - Unisex


Size and Color:
6, Black
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Hestra Power Heater Mitt - Unisex

2021 Ladies Ski + Board Mittens

Hestra's Power Heater Mitt is a further development of our popular ski glove with heating loops. Suitable for those whose hands get cold easily. The heating control can be set in three steps, depending on the weather and temperature. Tight fit for increased dexterity and feeling. Hard wearing goat leather palm.

Additional Features:

- Integrated heating loops
- Heating control
- Battery pocket
- Lithium rechargeable batteries
- Travel case
- International travel adapters
- Pre-curved fingers
- Waterproof zipper
- Handcuffs.

Extra Info:

Style Number - 30441
Color Number - 100