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K2 Vandal Snowboard Bindings 2020 - Youth Boy's


Size and Color:
Medium, Black

K2 Vandal Snowboard Bindings 2020 - Youth Boy's

Boy's K2 Snowboarding Binding

Those damn kids that roll up to the big line in the park. That's the new 2020 K2 Vandal snowboard binding rider. Pro level construction like the Airframe high back scaled for smaller riders bent on progressing and ripping with the local heroes.

  • Strap System:

    Two Strap

  • Highback:


  • Riding Style:

    All Mountain Freestyle
  • Features:
    Chassis: Pro-Fusion PC, Highback: Tweekback Groms, Ankle strap:
    Caddi, Strap Features: Cam-Lock Centering, Toe Strap: Universal,
    Ratchet: Hella RADchets, Disc: Multi-Compatible, Footbed: Formed EVA
    Shockpads, Tool-Less Adjust Power Ramp
  • Colors:

Pair this Vandal binding with the K2 Vandal Snowboard and K2 Vandal Snowboard Boot for a perfect set-up!

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