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KIALOA Makai Adjustable Stand Up Paddle


KIALOA Makai Adjustable Stand Up Paddle

KIALOA Adjustable Stand Up Paddleboard Paddle

We understand that the most brutal paddling environment often isn't class 5 whitewater, or double overhead Makaha, but more often it is the family summer lake cabin or a resort beach rental business, where gear will live in the salt and sun for days or weeks on end. Durable and built to last, designer Dave Chun states, The Makai is the toughest, best performing SUP paddle, in the give me all you got category." We've combined performance and affordability in this adjustable paddle to meet the needs of recreational paddlers everywhere.

  • Durable Utility Palm Grip that orients the paddle in your hand
  • 16" of "on the fly" LeverLock adjustment (70" - 86")
  • Round impact resistant shaft
  • Durable injection molded blades

Warranty: Limited One Year Warranty - KIALOA guarantees to you, the original owner, that our product will
be free from defects in materials and craftsmanship for one year from
date of purchase. If you experience problems with a KIALOA
product, return it to KIALOA with the
Warranty Request Form
form at the bottom of this page and please provide proof of purchase.
Defective products will be replaced or repaired at the discretion of
KIALOA. KIALOA shall not be responsible for incidental or
consequential damage, unreasonable use or improper care. Any paddle
returned with incomplete information will be set aside for a reasonable
amount of time and no action will be taken until we are contacted.


"I have heard it said that people who do
what they want for a living end up doing what it is they are best at. I
surf and build surfboards because I love it and think it's the only
thing I know how to do. Dave Chun builds paddles because he knows how to
do it right. KIALOA Paddles are state of the art. When I watch Dave
working or just talking about paddles, I can sense some very heavy
feelings. The Hawaiians call this Mana and I believe it is a cosmic
energy that flows through everything in the universe like the wind, the
waves, rocks, plants and animals. Mana in humans is manifested as great
skills, talents, strengths, intelligence and character. When using a
KIALOA Paddle, that electric sensation one feels is the Mana. Keep

- Gerry Lopez