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Landyachtz Dipper Postcard Complete Longboard

$189.99 $159.99

Landyachtz Dipper Postcard Complete Longboard

LandYachtz Complete Longboard

The Ripper's more compact companion, the Dipper ditches the kicktail in exchange for a flat tail, a tighter platform and narrower trucks so you can carve circles around all of your friends.

The Dipper is a compact longboard shape that measures 36” long and 8.65 long. It is similar to the Ripper, but even more compact for tighter carves and more agility. A slightly flexy ride and the long wheelbase give it a playful, surfy ride and lots of lean in carves. Mellow concave and a good amount of rocker will have your feet feeling at home on this board from the first ride.

  • Length: 36"
  • Width: 8.65"
  • Wheelbase: 24.29"
  • Artist: Kyle Stecker
  • Top mounted for surfy ride characteristics
  • Rocker for increased carve and comfortable riding possition
  • Medium concave locks in your feet.
  • Perfectly paired components