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Line x Jiberish Balaclava - Black

$39.95 $35.96

Line x Jiberish Balaclava - Black

Ski Balaclava

The cultural crossover between LINE and Jiberish has always been apparent but overlooked. As fans become family and dreams become reality, we have finally crossed paths resulting in a head-on collision of experience, perception, and execution. Blend the mountain expertise of LINE with the street smarts of Jiberish, the LINE x Jiberish Balaclava is designed to be worn anywhere and everywhere.

Whether you find yourself strolling the snowy streets of Niseko or lapping Palmer Glacier in the summer rays, this Balaclava is there for you. 




1 SZ

Product Made In

China, Designed in Seattle


100% Polyester

Additional Information

Hand Wash Only