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O'Brien OB 2.5 Towable Tube Inflator Pump - 2022

$100.00 $79.99


O'Brien OB 2.5 Towable Tube Inflator Pump - 2022

O'Brien Tube Inflator

O'Brien's Fastest Tube Pump

For unrivaled inflation power up to 2.5 psi, the O'Brien OB 2.5 tube pump is in a league of its own. This high-volume, 110V pump pushes out air at a rate of 1,600 liters per minute and is ideal for inflating large towable tubes. Packaged with a kink-proof hose and a wide variety of nozzles, you'll have everything you need to spend less time filling and more time having fun.


  • Durable, heavy-duty construction
  • 5' long 110V AC power cord
  • 3' long kink-proof hose
  • Rapid inflation/deflation
  • Includes a wide selection of nozzles
  • Recommended for inflating large towables and tubes
  • Max. Pressure - Up to 2.5 psi
  • Max. Output - 1,600 L/min
  • Max. Power - 600 watts