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Skye Mid Waist Foldover Bikini Bottoms - Women's

$53.00 $39.95

GEMS (Wisdom Blue)

Skye Mid Waist Foldover Bikini Bottoms - Women's

Ladies Skye Swimsuit Bottoms

      There’s knowledge – and then there’s wisdom. Knowledge can be absorbed as you flip through a book or magazine, but true wisdom isn’t something that can be lifted off a page. The wise mind is capable of seeing, not just looking, one that can interpret and explore instead of taking things at face value. A potent cocktail of experience, understanding, and insight, wisdom is something to be communicated with the world to make it a more human, more multi-dimensional place that’s as soft as this shimmering collection’s ribbed lavender fabric. What makes you wise, and how can you share that richness with others?

      The ribbed fabric Mid Waist Fold Over is here to make you look your absolute best. A unique tummy control panel tucks in all the right places, and a traditional rise and full-coverage back provide the discreet comfort you’re looking for.

      • Traditional rise
      • Fold over waistband
      • Tummy control panel
      • Ribbed fabric
      • Fuller coverage