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Wave Zone

Wave Zone The Diamond Skimboard

$149.95 $129.95

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Wave Zone The Diamond Skimboard

Brand New Youth Skim Board

The #1 selling beginner skimboard, USA made, beginner skimboard. Ultra-light at approx 3 pounds, this fiberglass and foam beginner board has the best strength to weight ratio and rider weight limit in the industry. The self-correcting diamond tip straightens the board as it hits the water. This gives more control at the tail without drag. Fast glide and consistent speed as well as a broad base which adds balance. The Diamond Skimboard is more forgiving for the less experienced rider.

Weight limit: 110 lbs

Size: 40 1/2″ x 18 1/2″ x 3/8″

Construction: High density, level 1 pvc foam core and double wrapped poly rails.  Individually hand crafted in the USA.