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Zap Fish Swallowtail Skimboard


ZAP Fish 47" Swallowtail Skimboard

2020 Zap Skim Boards

The Zap Fish skimboard, much like the Zap Wedge series board is a great all around design for beginners and seasoned riders alike. Where the Zap Wedge champions the skinny sleek lines of a high performance shape, the key features of the Zap Fish skimboards are its curvy full outline, thick core and fish tail design. This design provides a much more stable ride that glides across the water with ease, its fast and floaty. Landing tricks on the fish is a breeze.

Each Zap Skimboard has its own unique hand-made graphics. The color's listed are the primary colors!

Model Number: FH47


47″ x 20.25″


Rider Height Range:
4'9″ - 5'7″

Max Weight:
150 lbs.

The Zap Fish skimboard is the perfect board to get down the basic fundamentals of wave riding and throwing tricks. That's why it's no surprise that it has been a favorite for many of the established Zap pro riders as they were coming up through the ranks.

I can remember when my Dad was working on this board back when I was just only about 10 years old. As soon as he brought home the first prototype I was hooked! It is super stable, which makes it great for learning the basics of wave riding and technical tricks alike. Ask around, and you will find this board was once a favorite for many of the well established pros you know today.
- Zach Smetts

Its fuller outline with more width in the nose and tail provides a greater surface area for you feet to land. So even if your feet don't end up exactly where they need to be, the wider outline provides extra forgiveness allowing you to still ride out of tricks that you might have not. The fish is built with our Composilite construction for unrivaled durability and performance.